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"Blind man drivin", Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey playing the guitar

Image © Mary Ann Bates Photography

We were proud and honoured to have top blues and rock musician from Georgia, USA Joey Stuckey as guest speaker at our conference, which attracted visually-impaired musicians from across the world. Joey dedicated his new song "Blind man drivin" to our work, which became our official conference theme tune released in March 2015 – thank you, Joey! The music video is embedded into our conference page.

Inner Vision Orchestra (film)

The Inner Vision Orchestra are a group of visually impaired musicians who live in Britain and perform in musical styles ranging from classical music, jazz and blues to the music of Africa, India and the Middle East. Watch the trailer for a wonderful documentary film being made by Marie Cecile Embleton about them and their UK tour. Meet the cast and read more about these musicians who are celebrating the power of music to transform lives. Audio description will help visually-impaired people to access the finished film. Please click the following link for information on the Inner Vision 2014 tour.

Accessible music notation exhibition, 20 March 2015

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Music Advisory Service and UK Association of Accessible Formats (UKAAF) Music Subject Area are holding an accessible music notation exhibition on Friday 20 March 2015. This one-day exhibition will be held at RNIB, 105 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NE from 12:00 until 18:00. The exhibition will include presentations from experts working in the field of access to music notation in modified stave notation, Braille music and talking scores. There is no cost for attending, but an application form must be completed. An exhibition brochure will be e-mailed to delegates on receipt of a completed application form. To obtain an application form, please contact the RNIB Music Advisory Service by email to mas@rnib.org.uk or by telephone on 020 7391 2273.

Assistive Technologies (ATs)

Beginner's guide to ATs (from the RNIB)

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software (Freedom Scientific)

JAWS and web pages (YouTube)

Window Eyes (GW Micro)

Supernova (Screen Reader and Magnifier)

MAGic (Screen Magnifier from Freedom Scientific)

Braille music

Prima Vista

Prima Vista (from The Guardian with video)

About Braille music and the RNIB music library

Golden Chord

Gardner's Trust Braille Literacy Awards

Accessible music technology

Dancing Dots

Sibelius Speaking (press release)

Sibelius Speaking 3 (software discontinued)

Soundlinks Ltd.

Other information

Music Advisory Service (RNIB)

Paraorchestra (from The Guardian)

Paraorchestra (website)

Paraorchestra, 2012 Paralympics, with James Risdon and Coldplay (YouTube)

Derek Paravicini (website)

Derek Paravicini (BBC news, with video)

Adam Ockelford (University of Roehampton)

James Risdon (YouTube)

James Risdon (website)

Inner Vision Orchestra

"Blind children - born to be musical?" (Institute of Education, London)

RNIB music awards

Kevin Kern (website)

Braille at the Opera

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